Hongqi L5 Luxury Car Looks Old School | Ubergizmo

Kansas City luxury dealership provides refreshing car shopping experience for surrounding areas – Yahoo Finance

Then again, if you can already afford a ride like this, it should not be a problem at all to address its fuel costs, right? Underneath the hood, you will be able to find a powerful 402-horsepower V-12 engine to provide the relevant amount of power and torque to all four wheels. On the outside it might look like a classic ride from the days of yore, but step in and you will be transported to the future. Within the L5, you will find that both driver and passengers do not come up short when it comes to their fair share of displays, and do expect its fair share of luxurious trappings inside.
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The German automaker says bolts that hold a camshaft housing can loosen and break. That can cause reduced power or stalling, increasing the risk of a crash. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says dealers will replace bolts at no cost to owners. The company expects the recall to start in May. Quick Clicks BMW says another 170,000 vehicles from 2010 through 2012 with inline six-cylinder engines will not be recalled, but will receive an extended warranty due to the problem.
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Luxury Car Recalls, Mercedes, BMW Recall Thousands | Ruth To The Rescue – Home

In addition, the facility of Mercedes-Benz of Kansas City provides nearly every accommodation a car shopper could ask for, which further represents the quality of vehicles they sell. The efforts Mercedes-Benz of Kansas City has put forth for its dealership’s brand attracts interested luxury car shoppers from all over the surrounding areas. Car shoppers from locations such as Olathe , Overland Park, Summit, and Leawood Mo., frequently find that the value in choosing Mercedes-Benz of Kansas City is one that is few and far between in today’s market. As an added peace of mind, Mercedes-Benz of Kansas City stresses industry knowledge throughout every level of the dealership to provide an even more enjoyable shopping experience for its customers.
If you would like to read more: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/kansas-city-luxury-dealership-provides-130600128.html


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