Bmw Offers New M Performance Accessorries For M5 And M6

BMW M5 performance Photo by: BMW

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Get These Performance Cars Before the Year’s Out!

Instead we got the RS7, a car for successful sales reps and marketing people, and the SQ5, a crossover for somewhat successful sales reps and marketing people. All I can take away from this is Audi doesn’t think highly of Americans. But we’re discounting the fact that the TT-RS is actually a very good car. And the turbocharged inline-five sounds awesome. It’s also expensive, but I’m sure there are deals to be had, with that many lying around.
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Cars of 2012: Performance cars


A six-speed manual is already confirmed, but Suzuki has already hinted at a self-shifting version, too. Toyota The hotly-awaited 86 coupe goes on sale in around June with an expected sub-$35,000 starting price. The 86 marks the return of badge engineering where car makers amortise development costs by jointly building one car that basically wear different badges. The sleek coupe is powered by a Subaru-sourced 147kW/205Nm 2.0-litre naturally aspirated four-cylinder boxer engine.
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