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Luxury Cars That Get 32 MPG Or Better

The idea behind the new Imperial is to take Chryslers 300 sedan, keep the philosophy and the proportions, change the sheet-metal and make the wheelbase longer. The Imperial would be a premium sedan above the 300 and would compete with Cadillacs top-end sedans. The 300C is an upscale sedan, but its base price is limited to $34,000 because the down-market, regular 300 sells for $10,000 less. The Imperial would have no such handicap. But any future American luxury cars may have tough roads ahead of them.
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Buy this, not that: Are luxury cars worth the extra cash?

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The Ford Fusion (top) rapidly approaches the base price of the Lincoln MKZ (bottom) when options are maxed out.

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In Pictures: 10 MostFuel-FrugalLuxuryCars. But luxury car buyers dont necessarily have to choose a hybrid or electric-powered vehicle to get top fuel economy these days. Three out of the top 10 highest mileage luxury cars are conventionally powered, including the Audi A6 and the BMW 328i and 528i models, which are all rated just a few mpg lower than many of the hybrids on our list. In fact most of the remaining luxury cars that get 30 mpg or better on the highway pack gasoline powertrains tweaked for maximum mileage, with exceptions including the Porsche Panamera Hybrid and the diesel-powered Mercedes-Benz S350 Bluetec.
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Are Luxury Cars Really Worth It?

Ford Fusion or Lincoln MKZ? Honda Civic or Acura ILX? Deciding whether the luxury upgrades to automakers’ base line-up can be difficult. As automakers offer more and more luxurious upgrades to their standard line-up, it begs the question of whether upgrading to the higher-end model is worth the money anymore.
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How much better is a Ford Fusion versus a Lincoln MKZ? How about a Nissan Pathfinder versus an Infiniti QX60, or a Honda Civic compared to an Acura ILX? The argument raised in this story by the NY Daily News points out that many of the features in luxury and base-model cars are similar. Just how much better is the luxury model when the features of one are compared to the other?
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Bmw Offers New M Performance Accessorries For M5 And M6

BMW M5 performance Photo by: BMW

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Get These Performance Cars Before the Year’s Out!

Instead we got the RS7, a car for successful sales reps and marketing people, and the SQ5, a crossover for somewhat successful sales reps and marketing people. All I can take away from this is Audi doesn’t think highly of Americans. But we’re discounting the fact that the TT-RS is actually a very good car. And the turbocharged inline-five sounds awesome. It’s also expensive, but I’m sure there are deals to be had, with that many lying around.
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Cars of 2012: Performance cars


A six-speed manual is already confirmed, but Suzuki has already hinted at a self-shifting version, too. Toyota The hotly-awaited 86 coupe goes on sale in around June with an expected sub-$35,000 starting price. The 86 marks the return of badge engineering where car makers amortise development costs by jointly building one car that basically wear different badges. The sleek coupe is powered by a Subaru-sourced 147kW/205Nm 2.0-litre naturally aspirated four-cylinder boxer engine.
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